BILANCIA Collection

A series of shoulder bags for women who value multifunctionality. 100% hand-sewn women's handbags from the Bilancia Series are inspired by the rhythm of a woman's day and are suitable for any occasion. They offer easy access to everyday items that should always be at hand.

As part of the Bilancia series, we offer three different forms. The Bilancia maxi leather handbag is an interesting alternative to a shopper bag, in which we can fit everything we need while facing the challenges of the day. Bilancia mini is a smaller version with leather handles, but also to be worn on a long strap. Bucket bag is a sack bag containing a minimum of things needed for everyday functioning, with an interesting, looser form than handbags.

The common feature of women's bags from the Bilancia by MANO series is precise workmanship with attention to the smallest details. All handbags are hand-sewn in Poland from very elegant Italian cowhide of the highest quality, which in combination with suede - also of Italian origin, as well as matching fittings, create products with a unique, exclusive look. See how luxurious, hand-sewn women's handbags by MANO are produced in our Polish MANO Manufacture..

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