Our selected products can be personalized with the initials of the owners. Adding your initials or a person gifted with our share made it very unique, emphasizing individuality and original style.

We personalize products manually using the Hot Stamping method. It is a method of decorating with the use of foil, matched to the color of the fittings, consisting in embossing patterns on natural leather using a convex matrix made of brass, which conducts heat.

The embossed initials are usually placed on the front of the bag, at the top. The classic embossing is silver, in the colour of the hardware. The placement of the embossed initials does not eliminate the MANO logo. The form of the personalisation can be two initials together (MM), or separated with a dot (M.M).

We also offer embossing without the silver foil. The initials embossed using heat only are more subtle. It is a great choice for those who prefer a more profound look.

The personalization order service can only be used on the day of placing the order. When choosing a bag with personalization, enter the exact text that will be embossed on the bag and the finish of personalization in the comment to the order in the PERSONALIZATION window. The lack of this annotation results in the use of the recommended transparent personalization - embossed without the use of silver or gold foil. 

Personalization is not an additional paid option, it is included in the price of the product. A personalized product is not returnable or exchangeable.
Produkt personalizowany nie podlega zwrotowi ani wymianie.

If there are additional elements in your order e.g. straps, or smaller accessories, please add in the comment section which items you would like to also personalise. If you have any questions regarding the personalisation process, please email us on -

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